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Silicone coating fiberglass fabric

Fiberglass fabric coated with silicone rubber is made with the basal material of high temperature resistant fiberglass fabric and silicone rubber by follow-processing; it is a compound material with high quality of performance. It has been widely used in spaceflight, chemical industry, petroleum, large generating electricity equipment, machinery, metallurgy, electric insulation, construction and other fields.

Its main capability and characteristics are:
1). Good performance on resisting high temperature and low temperature, (the resistance of lowest temperature:-70℃ to highest temperature: 280℃); good capability on temperature maintaining;
2). High strength: it is soft and ductile, could be tailored;
3). Good capability on chemical corrosion resistant, oil-proofing, waterproofing (washable);
4). Heat-aging and chemical-aging resistant, and preventing from ozone, oxygen and light;
5). High insulation performance, constant dielectric: 3-3.2, breakdown voltage20-50kv/mm.

Main specification: Thickness: 0.1-5.0mm
                Color: gray, red, black, white, lucency, orange, etc.
                Coating sort: single-side coating, double-side coating
Fireproof grade: B Grade-noncombustible
Standard: GB8624-2006