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Fiberglass coating fabric(car industry using)

Fiberglass coating fabric(car industry using) is made of fiberglass cloth as basic cloth, coated with relevant chemical material by special coating technique, and to make it has given function. The main products of this series are: fireproofing fiberglass coating fabric, high temperature resistance fiberglass coating fabric, fiberglass waterproof coating cloth, fiberglass dust-ridding cloth, fiberglass flameproof coating fabric, fiberglass anti-ultraviolet- radiation coating cloth, fiberglass anti-static coating cloth, fiberglass alkali-proof coating cloth, fiberglass corrosion-resistant coating cloth and other kinds of follow-processing fiberglass cloth. It has been widely used in different areas such as spacecraft, chemical, petroleum, large generator equipment, mechanics, metallurgy, electric insulation, building, etc.

Because of the fiberglass coating fabric used in car industry has abilities of good constancy, good tensile strength, and water proof, it is now used as elasticity fabric of car in car producing industry.

Main specification: 0.2mm
Width: 1-2.3m
Standard: Grade A-- GB8624-2006