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Fireproof decorate fabric

It is made of high temperature resistant and high intensity fiberglass by special technique.

Its main capability and characteristics are:
1.it is soft and high temperature resistant, and it could resists the temperature of 550-1000℃;
2.low vessel weight, resists heat surging, chemical corrosion resistant, firefighting, dust removing, easy building; it is widely used in heat insulating, temperature holding, sealing, firefighting, energy saving, labor security, electron, aircraft and other such king of field.
3.no excitement to skin;
4.fireproofing and non-flame.

Main application: it is mainly used in marketplace, supermarket, hotel, factory, bank and such kind of public place.

Main specification:
Thickness: 0.3-3.0mm
Structure: twill, plain and satin weaving
Width: 840mm, 910mm, 1000mm, 1500mm, 2000mm, etc
Color: blue, red, gray, yellow and other colorful fiberglass fabric.
Fireproof grade: A Grade-noncombustible, GB8624-2006