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PU,PA coating fiberglass fabric

PU(polyurethane), PA (crylic acid )coating fiberglass fabric is made of high temperature resistant and high intensity fiberglass coated by various high temperature resistant materials and with special processing which could enhance the heat proofing capability of fiberglass weave. Its main characteristics are: high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant; high intensity, waterproof; nontoxic; soft and light weight; long endurance.
Main application: it is widely used in the heat preservation field of national defense, energy, chemical industry, structural material; steel industry, etc. heat preservation junction of pipeline; personal shield fire-evasion blanket and fireproof blanket used in metal manufacture; cushion cloth, preservative and heatproof insulated protection cover in pipeline and value; ventilation and refrigeration reinforcing material of car and steel industry; waterproof, fireproof curtain, insulation and heat-preservation of aircraft, heat-preservation of boiler; and internal decoration of various transport vehicle.

Specification: plain, twill and sating weaving
Thickness: 0.2-5.0mm
Width: 840--2200mm, etc.
Fireproof grade: A Grade-noncombustible, GB8624-2006