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High Silica Adhesive Tape

High Silica Tape

Super high temperature resist tape, high silica tape(1100℃)

Super high temperature resist tape, high silica tape(1100℃)is a kind of inorganic fiber, the containing ratio of silicon dioxide of it is higher than 96%, and its melting point is 1700℃ which could continually work under the temperature of 900℃ and work for 10 minutes under the temperature of 1450℃, even under the temperature of 1600℃, it could maintain the excellent estate for 15 seconds. As it has the capability of steady chemical ability, high temperature resistant, flame resistant, low heat shrinkage, and low heat conductance, good capability of electric insulation, non-asbestos product and non-pollution; it is widely used in aircraft, metallurgy, chemical industry, construction material, firefighting, heat insulation and temperature maintaining, etc.

Main applications:
resisting high temperature, insulating heat, maintaining the temperature and could be used as sealing material;
it is a kind of high temperature resisting and flame proofing material;
it could be used as fireproofing material(it could be made up of fireproofing clothes, fireproofing curtain, firefighting felt, etc);
it could be used to reef of high temperature gas and filter of liquid;
the filtering and purging of metal liquid;
sound silencing, heat insulating and exhaust gas filtering of car, motorbike, etc.
it used as heat insulating preserving material of solder;
electric insulating material.

Thickness: 0.25-1.5mm
Structure: plain, satin