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Dis-mountable cosy(pipeline, flange, valve protection cover)

Heat preserving cover of disassembly style pipeline (which also called temperature holding quilt, heat insulation cover, soft temperature holding cloth, profiled temperature holding) is a new generation of heat-preserving product which exploited by our company basic on absorbing foreign technology, it fills up blank on this field within our country. It is sewed with internal pad, middle heat preserving layer and external protecting layer, which processed by special technics with aboratively design and mapping according the size, using environment of pipe and equipment. This product could be used on insulating heat and temperature keeping for different size of pipeline and other kinds of cold-heat equipment. It is practical for pipeline equipment in case of frequent taking-off and maintenance which make it very economically. And it is the perfect choice for industry energy saving, temperature holding.

Product capability:
1). good heat maintenance, high&low temperature resistant(high temperature resistant: 1000-280℃, low temperature -70℃)
2). good chemical stability, good resistance of chemical corrosion; against pest and mildew;
3). fireproof ( fireproof A Grade-noncombustible, GB8624-2006)
4). good endurance of seasoning and weather;
5). waterproofing, oil proof: high hydrophobicity, oil proof.

Product characteristics:
1). good capability of heat insulation, the heat insulation layer is made of heat insulation fiber mat, it has ample fiber, and could resist temperature of 300-1000℃ ;
2). easy taking-off, easy installing, easy to wash pipeline, and easy to do pipeline maintenance;
3). repeat using available, and good endurance;
4). high intensity, pliable and easy for package;
5). make as customers’ request, manufacture non-standard product;
6). good adaptability: suitable for heat preserving of different temperature and various pipe
7). environmentalistic, no pollution: without addition of asbestos and other deleterious substance, no harm to human bodies and environment;
8). pretty appearance and easy cleaning surface;
9). Improve working environment, avoid workers be scalded.

Good adaptability of product(have obvious advantage compared to traditional heat insulation)
1). it can be used time and again(traditional heat insulation can be used once;
2). suitable for difformity pipeline, equipment, especially for difformity part; even the traditional heat insulation can’t be made for the part, this removable-style heat insulation covering cam do it. (as the traditional heat insulation made of hard material)
3). space using area is wide, even in a poky space, this heat insulation covering can be use.(the traditional heat insulation maybe can’t be used in such small space);
4). Good capability of environment adaptability, to the environment with corrosive, this product has more advantage. (as the traditional heat insulation is use sheet aluminum or sheet iron which are not erode resist)
5). suitable for different range of temperature, from -70-1000。C.

Capability index:
1). thermal conductivity ratio: 0.035W/M.K-0.045W/M.K±0.005;
2). high&low temperature resistant(high temperature: 1000-280℃, low temperature:-70℃)
3). capability of fireproof: fireproof ( fireproof A Grade-noncombustible, GB8624-2006, Germany Grade DIN4102, A1 Grade)
4). density: 110-220kg/m3;
5). thickness: 10-150mm;
6). moisture rate: <5%

Main application:
at present it is a high grade pipeline heat preserving material, and widely used in various pipeline, warm-ventilation air-conditioning equip of petroleum, chemical, filature, metallurgy, electricity, construction, kiln stove, paper-making, pharmacy, shipping, etc. it is suitable for various pipeline heat preserving and is an ideal pipeline heat preserving material. For example, pipeline, elbow, flange, valve, tie-in of pipeline, chemical reactor, equipment, air machine of fire power or nuclear power, instrument box and exchange equipment used in high temperature environment of steel factory, and other profiled part.

Main sorts of products:
Five main products of our company:
1). inter temperature-hold type: keep the inter temperature of the protecter, by this to stop heat exchange of the inter and outside energy (convection, radiation, and transfer), make sure the temperature of production, increasing the efficiency of heat energy, this will save energy. 
2). resisting outside-radiation type: resist strong outside heat radiation to keep away the outside heat transfer to the inside which may impact the working temperature of the protecter and harm to the equipment, part, instrument.
3). Antifreezing type: resisting ourside low temperature impact the working temperature of protecter. This type is mainly used to protect pipeline, equipment, instrument. The material used to make this covering is decided by the locale request.
4). Keeping low temperature type: keep away the outside heat transfer to the inside which may impact the low-temperature protecter.
5). Calefaction type: to satisfy the request of production, or resist freezing, the equipment and pipeline maybe need to be heat up, meanwhile it needs to have covering to keep the temperature.