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Fiberglass insulated thread, rope(twine thread,rubber filling rope)

Fiberglass insulated thread, rope(twine thread,rubber filling rope) are made of resisting high temperature and high intensity fiberglass by special technic.

Main capability:
1. high temperature resistant, resisting 280-1000℃;
2. Fireproof grade: A Grade-noncombustible, GB8624-2006, Germany Grade DIN4102, A1 Grade (have passed the test of National Firefight Supervise Test Centre)
Safe and environmentalistic: have passed the test of European SGS ROHS;
3. good capability of heat insulation, temperature holding, and airproof,
4. high intensity, high module,
5. seasoning resistant, climate resistant,
6. insulating, static proofing.

Main applycation:
It is mainly used as insulation material of electrical machine, instrument and other electrical equipment. And it also be used as soft tie-in of fill-in material, boiler and boiler wall, or other industry field such as insulation of heat up cannulation, chemical industry, machine, etc.
Other usage are sewing of high temperature resistant weave, electricity insulating material, heat insulating material, cable padding material, fireproofing material, wick, sealing product, voluble electrothermal thread, and heating elements.