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Fire blanket is mainly processed by special technique with fireproofing fiber. Its main characteristics are: fireproofing, high temperature resistant (550-1100 ℃), soft fabric, smooth, compactness, and no spur to skin, it is a ideal and efficient external resist to the persons or goods who need to be far away from heat source, meanwhile, it is easy to use this product to knot the objects whose surface is not smooth, and it could be reused under the condition of not being broken.

Fireproofing theory:
Lying over the fire source, obstruct air to got the goal of resisting the fire.

The main using site:
Fire blanket is mainly used as incipient easy using fireproofing equipment in such king of site as enterprise, store, boat, car, and other buildings. It is especially suitable for the place easy to get on fire such as chicken, hotel, entertainment ground and gas station. This product is used to proof fire spreading and preserving.

Using method:
Put the fireproofing blanket on the fire source at the infant of being on fire, the fire could be put out within a short time.

Red pot coated with PVC, or sack coated with PVC, we could order the package according to the customers’ request either.

Main specification and size:
1000x1000mm, 1200x1000mm, 1200x1200mm, 1500x1200mm, 1500x1500mm, 1800x1200mm, 1800x1800mm, etc.

General thickness: 0.4mm;

Color: white, red, yellow, blue, and sorts of colorful fireproof blanket.