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Fireproof covering fabric
The main capability, characteristics and using theory:
Fireproofing and enveloping sail fabric is made of fireproofing and incombustible fiber by special process. The main characteristics are: incombustible, resisting high temperature (550-1100℃), airproofing, corrosion resisting, no stimulate to skin, soft and with tenacity, and using expediently to binding up the goods or equipment with unsmooth façade. It could well protect goods to keep away from fire to drastically insulate burning.
As it has the characteristics of insulating heat, this helped to defer the burning and exploding time of unsafe goods and exact apparatus, so it has time to be discovered and succored.

The using area:
It could be used for safety protecting of producing, storing, and transporting of unsafe goods which are easy to get on fire or exploded and exact apparatus.

Using method:
Completely cover the unsafe goods and exact apparatus by the fireproofing and enveloping sail fabric to put an end to the fire source and stop the fire or explode.

The main specifications are:
Size: 3000x3000mm,5000x5000mm, 3000x12000mm,etc.
Thickness: 0.3-3.0mm
Temperature resistant: 550℃, 800℃, 1100℃;
Style: general one, back-process one;
Packing: red PVC bag or packing in roll;
Outer packing: carton; and we could pack according to customers’ request.
Fireproof grade: A Grade-noncombustible, GB8624-2006