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Fireproof exposure suit(firefighting uniform)

1. Fireproof heat separating clothes
Fireproof heat separating clothes is made of heat reflecting and flame-proofing material by special process to make it into reflecting and fire-proofing cloth, and by special sewing equipment to make up.
Main application: protecting clothes used in high temperature working place to resist strong heat –radiation, for example: protesting clothes used in steel and iron industry, smelting industry, casting industry, petroleum industry, gas industry, and other high temperature working industry, also it could be used on personal preserving and fireproofing.

Material sort: 1). fireproofing inorganic fiber complex cloth
                    2). Flame-resistant organic fiber complex cloth (coat, trousers)

Product sort: 1). Preserving clothes
                   2). Preserving pinafores, quilts, gloves, shoes, and helmet, etc.

Main capability: resisting strong heat-radiation, high temperature resistant, fireproofing and flame resistant, corrosion resistant, weather resistant, easy washing, and waterproofing, oil-proofing, and high intensity.

2. Fireman fire-proofing preserving clothes
A: fireproofing commander cloth
Get the standard of GA-140-1996
Stuff: flame-resist waterproofing cloth
Color: orange-red, golden-yellow, navy blue
Application: commander could wear preserving cloth when putting out the fire
Characteristics: 1). Flame-resistant capability, its sullying length is less than 15cm, keep burning time is less than 5 seconds, flame-resistant time is less than 25 seconds;
             2). Waterproofing and heat resistant
Weight/ suite: 2.2kg
Product sort: 1). Preserving clothes (coat, trousers)
           2). Shoes, helmet, and gloves

B: fireman common preserving clothes
Common preserving clothes has the characteristics of flame-resistant, high temperature resistant, and it is the working clothes for fireman to protect themselves when they fighting the fire, also it could be used as fireproofing clothes or waterproofing clothes in some factories.
Main technical parameter:
Flame-resistant capability, sullying length is less than 12mm
Keep Burning time is less than 2 seconds, flame-resistant time is less than 10 seconds
Its temperature resistant capability is larger than Level 3
The centigrade of internal temperature raising is less than 15℃
Color: orange-red, green, orange
Product sort: 1). Preserving clothes (coat, trousers)
           2). Shoes, helmet, and gloves

C: fireman fire-escaping clothes
Fireman fire-escaping clothes is made of importing material, and it is the preserving clothes used when the fireman get into the burning locale to fight the fire and save person, so it is also the necessary equip for the firefighter, and has the capability of fire-proofing, heat insulation, radiation resistant, etc (its function is the same as fireproofing cloth)
Main technical parameter:
Keep burning time is less than 1 second
Tearing intensity is larger than 32N
Keep working 30 seconds under the fire of 1100℃
The temperature rising of body is less than 13℃
Weight is less than 12kg

Our company could operate according to the customers’ request, here are other personal preserving things: chemical proofing clothes, insulating cloth, static proofing cloth, honeybee resistant cloth, helmet, escaping veil, light-echoing vest, and other fireproofing equip.