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Smoke curtain, ceiling screen

Special curtain for smoke shield is mainly made of inorganic fireproof fiber by special process, has the capability smoke proof, fireproof and heat insulation. The smoke shield which made of this kind of fabric is absolutely accord the request of “National criterion GA533-2005 of smoke shield”.

Main characteristics:
1. Fireproof (fireproof B1 Grade-fireproof, GB8624-2006, Germany Criterion DIN4102 B Grade), (have passed the test of National Firefight Supervise Test Centre);
2. Good capability of smoke proof;
3. Have the characteristic of soft and heat insulation: it could keep well under temperature of (620±20)℃ for 30 minutes;
4. good chemical stability, resist kinds of chemical corrupt; resist vermiculate, mildew proof, wet proof and age resistant;
5. environmentalistic(without any asbestus);
6. dependability: it could operate in the course of nature after ope-close 1000 times.

Main specifications:
thickness: 0.3mm、 0.35mm 、0.4mm 、0.45mm 、 0.6mm、 0.8mm, etc.
color: gray, silver gray, orange;
width: 100cm, 120cm, 127cm, 150cm, 180cm.