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Radiation proof&heat insulation sleeve is made of high temperature resistant fiber by coated with heat-radiation proofing material, and it could protect outburst of molten iron, molten copper and molten aluminum, and spoil of high temperature or fire; it could protect spoil of continually putting under the high temperature of 260℃, under the highest temperature of 1090℃, it could work for 5-10 minute, and under the condition of 1650℃ it could work for 15~30 seconds.
Heat-radiation proofing and heat insulating suite-pipeline has good extension ratio and it is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, aircraft, etc, to pack soft pipeline, oil pipeline, cable and other high temperature pipeline..
Heat-radiation proofing and heat insulating suite-pipeline not only efficiently avoids workers being scalded by high temperature and high temperature pipeline, but also greatly decreases the cost of heat-energy losing; and this product has the choices of general industry level and aircraft industry level.

Main specification:
Diameter: 8-250mm
Thickness: 0.1-5.0mm
Basal material: high temperature resistant fiber, carbon fiber, basalt fiber.
Note: we could produce according to the customers’ request on specification.