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Fiberglass insulation& fireproof sleeve

Fiberglass insulation& fireproof sleeve is strength weaved with fiberglass; it is suitable to continually work under the high temperature of 500℃. Its great capability of heat resistant, insulation and low price makes it become one of the best choice for protecting soft pipeline and cable, and helps to do iron liquate.
Fiberglass suite-pipeline has intensifying grain and non-handle frame, this makes it has super-low heat booting ratio; while when use it separately or under the condition of need excessively improve insulating heat resource, and collocating other series of product to use, this product could pack various sizes of pipeline.
Main specification: 8-130mm
Thickness: 1.0-3.0mm
Temperature resistant: 500-1000℃
Note: we could produce according to customers’ request on specification.